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You Are What You Eat!! 

I was thing about that saying “you are what you eat” and I completely agree with it!! I worry that in such a fast paced world, many do not take the time to cook their own meals and turn to the unhealthy fast food junk that is out there and do it simply because it is “convenient.” Many do not want to take a deeper look at how their fast food, fast paced life is slowly harming them.

The same thing goes for what soaps, lotions, cosmetics that people use on their bodies every day. They head to the store, buy what is the cheapest or what it the new thing being advertised and they never take a moment to read what is on the label and what ingredients they are placing on their skin that is harmful.

Here is a list of chemicals that are found in everyday products that people use on their skin and their body is absorbing:

Amazing isn’t it?!!!  Even staggering is the number of chemicals used in the cosmetics, yes, down to the lipstick, that women use on a daily basis!! It is extremely scary to me and I feel that the best way to combat this is to provide as much awareness to the subject in the hope is reaches and helps people.

So, the moral of today’s blogpost – you are what you eat and you are what you put on your body!!


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