Environmental Wellness

6/21/2015 –  Caring for the Environment:

Just the other day I was talking to my husband about the environment and how we need to do out part every day to contribute to keeping the world we live in as healthy as possible.  This entails so many things, from what we use in our homes to clean with, to recycling, to watching how much plastics we use, how much gas we put into the environment and so on.  For me there are so many things that people use every day that are dangerous to themselves but to the environment as well.

One of those areas involves the cleaning product that we use every day.  Some people do not think or even understand about the harsh and dangerous chemicals that they are using on a daily basis.   When using harsh chemicals, those toxins go into the air that we breathe and into the waterways.  What people don’t realize is that when you use a chemical based cleaning product, the chemicals go into the waterways and impact the water that we drink.  So, one thing that we can do for the environment is use chemical free cleaning products in our homes and work environments.   

So, today, think about the one thing that you can do to help the environment.  Switching your home to be chemical free is one way and I can definitely make recommendations on how to do that if you are interested.  Other ways may include planting  a tree, car pooling with friends to work, riding your bike to work and recycling or composting.   There are so many ways that we can all do our part to achieve environmental wellness – feel free to share ways that you are helping the environment.  

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