Welcome to my blog about Achieving Complete Wellness! The blog is designed to help people achieve their goals in all areas of life and to be a source of positivism and inspiration. It is quite common to focus on one area of wellness such as physical wellness, but there are serveral other areas of wellness that are extremely important and if ignored will cause one to feel off balance in their life.

I have personally experience this in my own life – focusing on only one area or none at all to be honest. As I have grown older, I have seen the importance of focusing on all areas of wellness such as personal wellness, having balance in my life and having financial wellness which gives a person of mind. I am also very concerned about the environment and what we use in our homes and what we put into our bodies without thinking what it is made out of.

I believe that having a sense of humor, having a creative outlet is also important when talking about wellness. Everyone needs a way to express their inner self whether it is through cooking, reading, sports, crafts, painting and so on – being creative allows us to express our inner selves in a completely differenct way. For me, this blog is a format to look at all of these area.

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