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Adding a Little Spice to Your Life

Do you remember the old saying about adding a little spice to your life??  For some reason, that came to my mind today…maybe it’s because my spouse and I love to cook or maybe it’s because we love to eat different types of food or maybe it’s because we love to watch the food channel!!!! LOL!!  We laugh at how so many chefs on some of these shows make a “deconstructed” this or a “deconstructed” that.  I am constantly saying to my husband that I can make anything and call it “deconstructed.”  From a deconstructed fish taco to a deconstructed lasagna, I’m know that I can make it.

Part of the love I have for cooking is making things from scratch.  It is fun to play with ingredients, use whatever spices I know will work well together and simply have fun with it.  On the flip side baking is a little different – it needs precision and the ingredients need to be exact or else the recipe doesn’t turn out.   Now I love to bake too especially around the holiday season.  From cookies, to cakes, to fresh breads…I enjoy just having time to be in the kitchen and simply be creative.  While figuring out what the menu du jour is going to be, I have fun digging in my pantry, searching for seasonings, spices and things to add to my creation.

I am starting to think that cooking is kind of like life in so many ways!! It takes time to learn, is something that we need to do on a daily basis in order to improve on it and it takes time and patience.  If we don’t cook every day to some degree, we will never improve on our skills.  It is similar to goal setting – the only ways to work on a goal is to do it consistently and find the time daily to work on it.  We also need to have balance in our life and finding out how to do it is a challenge for so many people.  Like the baker searching for that specific spice to add flavor to their newest cookie creation, how do you add spice to your life?

I think everyone needs to add flavor to their life, so I encourage you to dig through your pantry and find out what it is that is going to add a little zest to your life!!

Until tomorrow….have an amazing day!! πŸ™‚


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