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Stepping Stones of Your Life


So, how do you get to Point A to Point B?  Is it easier to take the elevator up or is it better to take the steps?  Every day we are presented with options or choices and it is those little decisions that we make on a daily basis that impact our  lives.  The basic question today centers around, what steps are you taking to reach whatever goal it is that you want to achieve?

Now, all of us have goals and some of them are short-term ones or long-term ones.  The problem with goal setting is that having a goal is great….but writing down the steps that you need to do on a daily basis is sometimes the challenge.  When we are juggling so many things in a day, it can be hard to focus on something that you really want for your life. I have written in previous posts about the importance of mapping out your week in order to manage your time better and incorporate the things that you want to achieve into your weekly schedule.  Now, here are a few tips to help you not only set your goal but ways to work on it on a daily basis.

As an example, let’s say that your goal is weight loss.

  1. First, carve out 5-10 minutes each day to focus on your goal.  Dedicating the time to reflect on the day and map out the steps that you are going to take that day is important.  Pull out your calendar too in case you want down things on it about the day ahead.
  2. The next thing to do is break that long-term goal down and be more specific.  Instead of saying that you want to lose weight, let’s say that the long-term goal is to lose 20 pounds in the next 3 months.
  3. Then write down what steps you are going to do on a daily basis to achieve your goal.  Be sure to write them down!! Some steps may include: drinking 64 ounces of water every day, journal what you eat at every meal, plan your meals in advance, measure what you eat in order to maintain appropriate portion control, eat more vegetables, incorporate more fiber into your diet, take a multivitamin with a high absorption rate and so on.  You may want to put these steps into a daily check list so you can actually see how you are doing each day.
  4. Then write down anything else that you want to do that day to help you work on your goal.  If you have 30 – 60 minutes to walk or exercise that day, write it down.
  5. At the end of each day, review your list for the day and see how you did.
  6. Do these steps consistently for one month and watch how much you have achieved your goal.

The biggest thing about goal setting is writing down your steps and sticking with them.  I know that life can be hectic but if you write down mini-goals for yourself to help your achieve the larger goal, you will see positive results.

So, here is to the first step to achieving complete wellness!!


A journey about all areas of wellness!! I enjoy writing about health tips, cooking, crocheting, photography, developing a positive mindset, traveling and everything in between!!

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