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Journey to Positive Self-Esteem

How many times do you hear people say that they struggle with their self-esteem?  Taking it one step further, how many times have you doubted yourself, thought that you were not good enough or criticized yourself.  All of us have that inner voice that either tells us something positive or negative about ourselves.  Listening to those negative thoughts are damaging to our self-esteem and can create feelings of depression and anxiety.

Self esteem is basically how you feel about yourself and is shaped by your experiences, your relationships, your environment and your thoughts.  Positive self-esteem basically means that you feel good about yourself and your ability to do things.  Negative self-esteem means exactly the opposite and you doubt yourself, your abilities and you may worry if you are really good enough.  Now there are so many theories on how one’s self-esteem is developed.  One way is that self-esteem is developed in childhood and develops as one grows older.  We incorporate messages that we were told as children into how we view ourselves.  For example, if you were told by a loved one that “you are stupid” or “you not good enough”, you may believe that negative message now and the impact it has on you is significant.

So, today I want to do a little self-esteem boost with you.  I know that it sounds odd, but I do feel that everyone struggles with their self-esteem every now and then.  There are also many whose self-esteem is so low that they are depressed and feel at a lost to change it.  I want you to know that you can learn to change your thoughts from negative to positive and learn how to say positive statements about yourself which in turn will impact your self-esteem in a positive way.  It simply takes practice and being open to changing your thinking.

To start your journey to increasing your self-esteem, I am going to ask you to do one small task today:

  1. First, get out a piece of paper.
  2. Write down 5 – 10 characteristics or qualities that you like about yourself.  If you feel that you are a good listener, write it down.  If you feel you are a good friend, write it down.
  3. Then place that piece of paper somewhere you will look at it for the next week and read it once a day.  By reading your list daily, it will begin the process of saying positive self statements to yourself.

So, start your list!!! Tomorrow, we will continue the process of changing your negative thoughts to positive ones.  🙂


A journey about all areas of wellness!! I enjoy writing about health tips, cooking, crocheting, photography, developing a positive mindset, traveling and everything in between!!

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