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Losing Sight of your Goal

While sitting in a local cafe, enjoying a Berry Jam Ice Coffee, I was struggling at first what to write about.   I had three different ideas and then it came to me!!!  Goal setting is one of those things that we talk about, people set New Year’s Resolutions every year, we tell people what goal we want to work on this month and then poof….the day, the week or month goes by and we didn’t complete our goal or completely forgot about it.  How many times have you heard someone say “I want to go to the gym more”  or  “I want to lose weight” to later stop focusing on that goal.  It takes such commitment and sometimes a leap of faith to start a new goal but then the challenge lies in following it through.

As I sit here and think about goals I have set in my life, ranging from short term and long term goals, how many did I complete and let others go by the wayside.  It amazes me as I sit here that I can be so focused on something to find that a few months later I have let life interfere with something I really wanted to do.

Part of this, I think is because people are so overwhelmed and busy with their lives that it is easy to lose sight of something of importance to them.  If I want to consistently go to the gym, I have to find the times I want to go during the week, block out my schedule, bring my water and go. No excuses!! Seems like common sense to me but it is something that I have struggled with along with so many others.  So, how do you make a commitment to yourself and follow through on it no matter what?  One quote that I posted on my Positive Quotes page today states that “a goal without a plan it just a wish.”  I love that quote because it is so true.  How many times do you hear someone say “oh, I wish I had done this…” and they never really achieve it because they never put it into action.

So, here is the challenge for the week (if you choose to accept it…lol!!!)!!  Think about a goal that you want to achieve this week.  Then get out your planner, your calendar, your iPhone calendar or plain old paper and for each day this week, write down what you are going to do every day to work on your goal and block the time in your schedule.  Be specific, write down what you need to do every day to achieve it.  Visualize what it will feel like at the end of the week to achieve your goal and how awesome it will feel!!! 🙂 Feel free to comment on what goal you are going to set for yourself and how you are going to work on it daily.

Here’s to the beginning of your journey to reaching your goals!!


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