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Making the Commitment!!

Part of making any commitment in life is sticking with it!!!  It is so easy to let everyday distractions throw you off course but the key to setting any goal and making any commitment is to keep with it.  Although I have never been on a horse, the old expression of getting back on the horse comes to mind.  The other thing that I think about is baseball.  As odd as it may sound, every baseball player needs to take a lot of swings to finally get that home run.  By making the commitment, sticking with it, getting back up to bat and focusing, anyone can achieve a goal that they set their mind to.

For me, yesterday I made the commitment to myself to write everyday on my blog.  I have edited my page design, added widgets and did a little writing on two of my pages in addition to this post.  I also have committed to do something for my business everyday, read everyday and workout at minimum for four times a week.  The great thing about writing down my goals is that I am holding myself accountable to me and basically the whole world!! LOL!!

So, one thing to think about today is what is one goal that you want to work on and how are you going to commit to it today and begin your journey.


A journey about all areas of wellness!! I enjoy writing about health tips, cooking, crocheting, photography, developing a positive mindset, traveling and everything in between!!

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