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Getting and Staying Motivated

I was just taking a moment to look at my last post when I realized that I have not written anything since mid-May!!!! I am amazed how quickly time passes and how easy it is to forget to do something that you enjoy. For instance, I enjoy writing, yet I let the very tool that I use to express myself go for a month and a half!!!! I am sure everyone can think of something that they enjoy that they lose sight of for one reason or another. It is easy to do but annoying in another sense. Why is it that I would let go of something that I enjoy doing? Is it time? Is it being busy with other things? Or is it simply staying motivated?

As I sit here and thing about motivation and what drives me, have you ever thought about what drives you? How often to we actually take a moment to think about what we really want or for that matter, what we really enjoy? It is easy from my perspective to get caught up in the day to day routine and forget about the larger picture.

I created this blog because I wanted to write about wellness from various aspects. Letting it go for a month or so simply means that I am ignoring something that I like to do. So, I am going back to basics and taking a look at my own personal goals and getting back in touch in doing something that I enjoy. I would encourage you to take a look at what you truly love doing, how it helps you get in touch with your own happiness and helps you stay focus on the bigger picture.

Remember, life is like a dance floor, but it is our choice to choose to join the dance or not!!!!!! πŸ™‚


A journey about all areas of wellness!! I enjoy writing about health tips, cooking, crocheting, photography, developing a positive mindset, traveling and everything in between!!

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