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Setting Goals

I was thinking about how to get started on your roadmap to wellness and thought that goal setting is an important place to start. So, I thought that I would share with you my own thoughts about how to start on your journey toward achieving complete wellness:

1. Establish a long term goal – something that you want to achieve. You may want to be physically well or have financial security. Whatever you pick for your goal, be specific and write it down. Picture how it would feel to actually achieve this goal and what it would do for you.

2. Now write down what smaller steps you need to take to achieve your longer term goal. For example, many people want physical wellness and have goals to lose a certain amount of weight as a long term goal. The next step would be breaking that goal into smaller achievable goals such as going to the gym three times a week for a hour, drinking water on a daily basis and so on. The important piece of setting a short term goal is making it be measurable and specific. If you make a commitment to go to the gym, how many days a week are you going to go and for how long?

3. Put your short term goals into action. The important thing about writing down any goal is putting it into action which simply means, you need to do something every day to help yourself achieve that goal and inevitable achieve your long term goal.

The amazing thing about goal setting is that if you really focus on your goals and work on them every day, you will see results. Just remember to make sure that your goals are realistic and that you can break them down into smaller short term goals so that you can see movement toward your larger goals!!

So, spend a few minutes today thinking about what you want to achieve and where you want to start on your road to wellness.


A journey about all areas of wellness!! I enjoy writing about health tips, cooking, crocheting, photography, developing a positive mindset, traveling and everything in between!!

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